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Caramel Decadence

Black Velvet
Luscious, decadent caramel pours over this rich coffee. Creamy, soothing and satisfying.

A very flavorful coffee created from a blend of dark roasted Central American and Indonesian coffees. Aromatic, complex and very rich, this is a fascinating brew.

Chocolate Avalanche

Breakfast Blend
Get buried alive in delicious chocolate flavors, smothering our rich roasted coffee! Take dark, milk, and white chocolate flavors, swirl them together, and stand's a Chocolate Avalanche! A perfect balance of coffees from Colombia and Mexico, this blend is a pleasant way to start your day. A light body and a sweet, bright finish create the perfect wake-up call.

Chocolate Raspberry

House Blend
The flavor of fresh ripe raspberries covered with creamy, smooth chocolate makes this coffee a decadently delicious treat. Choice Central and South American beans are selected for this classic blend. This brew's balanced, mild flavor makes it a good introduction to specialty coffees. A great all-day coffee.

Cinnamon Hazelnut Praline 

Colombia Supremo
A rich, buttery coffee with sweet, cinnamon overtones. As a wake-up brew or evening coffee, this flavor is thoroughly enjoyable. The premium Colombian coffee, Supremo is renowned for its delicious, mild flavor and balance. We uphold Supremo's fine reputation by roasting it to its absolute peak flavor.

French Velvet Crème®

East Coast Blend
Revel in this smooth and luscious flavored coffee. With just a hint of sweetness, one sip will melt away your troubles and instantly transport you to a Parisian sidewalk cafe. Experience amour at first taste. This unique blend of coffees contains beans from premier Latin American coffee plantations. It is roasted in the traditional Northeastern style and delicious any time of the day.

Irish Crème

French Roast
The minty, creamy essence of a vibrant Irish Crème liqueur is showcased in this popular coffee. Enjoy it any time you need a little pick me up. Blended Latin American coffees create the definitive coffee for aficionados of hearty brews. Roasted to nearly black, French Roast is mellow, yet spicy, with full body and rich flavor.

Old World Hazelnut

Guatemala Antigua
The flavor of fresh hazelnuts, creamy and delectable, stirs itself throughout this fascinating coffee. Luscious, aromatic and elegant. True Antigua coffees have a distinctive, somewhat indescribable zip to them. This is definitely a must-try coffee, produced along the Pacific slopes of Guatemala's southwest mountains.

Vanilla Nut Crème 

Kenya AA
The flavors of fragrant vanilla and rich, buttery nuts combine delectably in this exceptionally creamy, aromatic brew. A snappy, winey coffee awaits you in our Kenya AA. Produced on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, these beans are very dense, assuring a bright, well-rounded cup of coffee.

Original Dark Roast 
This bold, full-bodied coffee combines Guatemalan, Sumatran and Kenyan beans. This brew is surprisingly smooth, with a slight winey note at its finish. Delectable any time of day.